Prime - Standard Insurance Georgia Rebranding and New Brand in the Insurance Market
February 24, 2018

Standard Insurance Georgia has carried out rebranding and presented in the market with the renewed name, possibilities and visions. The new brand of the Insurance Company Prime will be oriented on the implementation of modern technologies and will offer customers innovative, simple and convenient services.


The Company operates in the market since 2007 with full package of insurance products and transparent conditions. It is distinguished by the diversity of the network of providers and the possibility of choice of non-providers.

The new brand has combined individuality, breakdown of the existing boundaries, ambition of mastering new spaces, innovativeness, flexibility, positivity and modernity... However, at the same time, the features of the brand are also presentation of confidence and security, strength, growth and progress ... Brand positioning is its fearless and bold strategy, which means that the Company is not afraid of risk and tries its best to adapt to the interests of all  the customers.


The main advantage of Prime will be its flexibility and speed of compensation. Sharing with the modern trends in the market, new approach and maximally simplified procedures of compensation will enable customers to receive a guaranteed high quality of service.