Property Insurance

About the insurance

  • Building insurance;
  • Content insurance;
  • Homeowner’s liability insurance;
  • Tenant’s liability insurance.


Risks insured

  • Fire, explosion, lightning;
  • Natural disasters, earthquake;
  • Burglary, theft, robbery and vandalism;
  • Flooding – caused by sudden and unexpected breakdown of water-sewage system;
  • Vehicle impact.


Within the scope of homeowner’s liability insurance, the loss inflicted upon the third person’s property as a result of fire, explosion or breakdown of water pipes (flooding) in your home (e.g. water reached in the neighbor’s apartment) shall be compensated.              


Compensation for damage 

Considering the interest of customers, the Prime issues compensation for damages in the shortest time.

Our Compensation team is always ready to help you in order to provide assistance in the event of occurrence at any time and place.